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#Bemersive XR Partner of #Vivatech2018

This year again, Bemersive attends Viva Technology, the world’s rendez-vous for startups & leaders in Paris, with the first Live XR platform in the world !

We are very proud to be the XR partner of Viva Technology 2018, through the FIRST LIVE XR platform in the world : « XR Experience at Vivatech », totally made with #Realmersive Editor by #Bemersive !

We made the entire app in 5 days only, for iOS (Arkit), Android (ARCore) and Google Daydream !

It would have take at least 2 months to build the same platform with 3 developers using a classic pipeline like Unity, and without the real time publishing feature. Thanks to our technology, editing AR or VR is the same for us.

Special Thanks to #Lenovo ​:

The experience works also with 6DOF VR headsets, as we demonstrated with #Lenovo using their incredible Mirage Solo VR Headset at Vivatech.

Bemersive XR broadcasting platform allows to modify, manage and broadcast any content (pictures, videos, 360 videos, 3D animated objects, sounds, etc.) and interactivities, INSTANTLY IN LIVE with endless possibilities.

Download the app here:


Requires iOS 11.0 or later and ARKit.

Android :

Requires ARCore, compatible devices list :

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