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The VRrOOm XR app developed by Bemersive with Realmersive Editor !

VRrOOm collaborated with Paris-based agency Bemersive to develop the XR platform. Bemersive has developed a unique solution, capable of blending AR and VR environments with a social dimension and real time modification capability. No need to update the VRrOOm's XR App to discover festivals and selections during the year, thanks to Bemersive Cloud-based XR solution.

Each month a new festival starts, with new interfaces, new designs, and new contents !

The exclusive partnership between VRrOOm and Bemersive will extend to additional formats in the future in order to reach larger audiences and support new features. The app will be free for the first few months during the launch period.

VRrOOm’s XR app features a virtual auditorium specially designed by THX Ltd. The THX Ultimate Cinema virtual auditorium is a celebration of the art of filmmaking, allowing audience members to experience the magic of storytelling in the world's most personal cinema.

This XR platform is deployed on almost all AR & VR devices : Apple App Store / iOS - Google Play / Android / Daydream - Oculus store / Oculus Rift, Oculus Go, Samsung Gear VR - Viveport / HTC Vive.

More info about Realmersive Editor

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