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BEMERSIVE signed the new identity and digital campaigns of VRROOM

On January 10, 2023, VRROOM unveiled the alpha version of its virtual show platform, with a line-up of artists recognized by French youth : web7, LeJuiice and Maxence.

For this launch, VRROOM called upon its historical partner BEMERSIVE, for its Metaverse agency activities and to create quality marketing campaigns.

While establishing a strong and effective marketing strategy, BEMERSIVE redefined their identity with a new logo, new catchphrases in line with their new target: young people.

Bemersive produced and deployed over 3 months :

- 4 waves of campaigns with CGI video content on social networks (Youtube, Instagram and Tiktok)

- 2 waves of print campaigns in Paris metro

- the broadcast design of the virtual concerts

- the design of the physical launch party

Thanks to Rachel Cartier (Head of Music Deezer) and her teams, Bemersive concluded a strong partnership between VRROOM and DEEZER, to reinforce the musical aura of the VRROOM platform.

DEEZER coordinated with BEMERSIVE to produce its own digital campaign for its users, to make available its network of influencers and to broadcast the launch event to the largest possible audience.

Orchestrated by Bemersive's founders, Steve Moradel as Director of Digital Strategy, and Stéphane Juffé as Creative Director and Content Producer, the digital campaign for the launch of the VRROOM platform was a total success, with :


⁃ 14,818,004 ad impressions. and 2,618,443 video views, including 1,200,000 videos from the Replay (advertising).


⁃ 8,680,738 impressions and 2,880,022 people exposed to the campaign (Reach).


⁃ 22,236,718 ad impressions and 2,788,689 people exposed to the campaign (Reach)


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