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The Top 7 to Rule the Metaverse in 2022

This agency ties AR and VR into their overall approach and leverages in-house technologies and trusted partnerships to achieve metaverse marketing success.”

Whether you’re already selling in the metaverse or you want to start, it’s not a simple endeavor. Most businesses don’t know what they need, or how to deliver a customer-centric metaverse marketing experience. But the best metaverse marketing agencies do!

All these factors are crucial to understand because metaverse marketing is booming and you don’t want miss out! In 2020, the metaverse as worth over $470 billion, and by 2024, it will hit $800 billion. By 2026, 30% of companies will be selling in the metaverse!

Plus, consumers are increasingly becoming interested in the metaverse. 33% of adults are interested in buying digital products in the metaverse and 25% have already shopped in a virtual store.

While these statistics prove how groundbreaking metaverse marketing is for brands, successful metaverse marketing takes expert experience. Achieve this by partnering with any of the top metaverse marketing agencies.

With the help top metaverse marketing agencies bring to the table, you can take advantage of virtual worlds and maximize your bottom line through selling digital products.

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