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Top 11 Metaverse Marketing Agencies

" Bemersive also creates and produces nextgen platforms and contents with in-house tech solutions, including video games, AR, VR, WEB3, NFTs, blockchains, and AI. This established marketing agency has also worked with other industry giants such as Disneyland, Balenciaga, and Total. “

The metaverse’s offshoot in 2021 led to several changes in how consumers play games, interact with each other, purchase goods, and in how brands market and advertise products and services. Simply put, this virtual world created new consumer behaviors, which in turn developed new marketing strategies for brands to explore. Big names like Nike, Gucci, Samsung, and Adidas already put themselves on the map by implementing successful metaverse marketing strategies.

If you’re a brand who wants to appeal to the Gen Z and millennial population, then you have to follow the footsteps of the mentioned industry beasts. Gen Zs and millennials are the most active age group in the metaverse, making it the perfect place to launch a campaign. 57% of Gen Zs said they have created an avatar in a video game before, while 50% said they hang out with friends virtually in metaverse games. A large portion of millennials also stated that they participate in the metaverse through avatars, virtual hangouts, VR headsets, virtual goods, and many others.

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