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Top Metaverse Marketing Agencies in 2022

“If you are looking for an Metaverse marketing agency that covers even the smallest aspects of the Metaverse, Bemersive should definitely find a priority spot on your list.

In fact, they serve some of the biggest brands globally, like Twitter and Publicis Groupe, which puts them in a better position to help smaller brands.

Suddenly, everyone is talking about monkey and rock pictures selling for millions of dollars and that someone bought a mansion in Metaverse next to SnoopDog for a hefty price tag.

In fact, brands like McDonald’s and Zara are opening their stores in the Metaverse, and Facebook literally changed their name to Meta!

You might be curious why these top guns are so excited about what is being described as the next dimension of the internet, and which Metaverse marketing agencies they are using.

Long story short, Metaverse is where we will be able to interact with the internet using advanced technologies like augmented reality and virtual reality instead of the touchscreens and joysticks that are used currently.

That sounds amazing, and since a lot of industry biggies are entering the Metaverse arena, you, too, might want to join the bandwagon.

While it is exciting to learn about such innovations, navigating your way through the push and pulls wouldn’t be sustainable in the long run if not infeasible in the first place.

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